Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rants and Ramblings..

     Hello anyone who is reading. Laying in the bed once more blogging... once more. In about two hours it will be Christmas Eve. My, how the time has flown. Today was interesting. Yes, I stacked lumber, but only for about 3 hours. I would rather my uncle go to Lowe's and buy some lumber. He wouldn't "kill a tree" the tree is already dead. 
     Today, I sat in my car and ranted to myself. It's easier to rant to myself sometimes, but I would rather vent my feelings to a good listener and maybe listen to them vent if they must do so. I ranted about a few things that won't be mentioned on the internet... publicly. Let's just say that it is better for one to keep their mouth shut sometimes, and that is exactly one did.. until one was alone. 
     I think I need a time stopper that will freeze everything but me, and non-living objects for just a day. I feel like the alone time would be great a much-needed refreshment. Sometimes I will just take a walk outside in the woods or somewhere alone. It's very peaceful. I feel detached from the world. I think that tomorrow sometime I will take one of those walks: a little Christmas Eve alone time.
     This may sound odd, but blogging is very relaxing to me. It is sort of like a personal journal, but for everyone to see. It helps me to re-cap my day, let off some steam, and talk about anything I please. It also makes me think about the title of my blog more in-depth: life. 
     Also, Hannah and I had a great time tackling the computer software and I think she learned a lot. She is such a trooper.

     Beautiful summer sunset at our lake house. 
Sumer 2010

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